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Annual Report
The Calgary Food Bank annual report highlights the activities, achievements and impact over the past year.
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Amy Leong,
Board Chair

Message from the Board

We have seen numerous and severe crisis impact Calgary in the past decade but our strength of spirit continues to provide optimism for the days ahead. In the past year we have seen the emergence of a systems based approach to community-based people services. Agencies are focusing more on collaborative frameworks and using that connectivity to interpret data, experience and forecasts. There is capacity across a spectrum of agencies, underwritten by the spirit and resources of the agencies themselves. We are experiencing greater impact from known actions and outcomes that are linked between agencies rather than in the traditional silos, isolated by antiquated funding and reporting practices.

The Calgary Food Bank has embraced the role of trusted advisor and information provider by engaging with community and government regarding the impact of food and emergency needs. We are engaging with environment, emergency management, data privacy, community well-being and economic development areas. We continue to be a knowledge leader for community engagement by focusing on our Mission, “Together, we fight hunger and its root causes because no-one should go hungry”. Our clients and community partners continue to reinforce the importance and appropriateness of our Mission through their actions and continued engagement. Identifying and addressing root causes that lead to poverty and emergency will guide our pathway to a hunger-free community.

Tomatoes on wooden background
Fresh ingredients in bowls
Fresh ingredients in bowls
In the coming year we anticipate little change in the challenges of a volatile economy. The impact of the past five years will continue to ripple for generations. Its impact on our community cannot be understated, nor can the role of food security in transitioning to stability and resiliency.

We must continue to provide emergency support while addressing the underlying conditions and public policies that impact the restoration of our city. This is not to say that the Calgary Food Bank will never close. We will close when public policies and decisions ensure emergency support while eliminating the conditions that lead to chronic food support needs.

The Calgary Food Bank could not provide for so many people without the support and strength of the community around us, and we could not provide meaningful and proven outcomes that fuel change. For this we are truly blessed.

“The Calgary Food Bank has not seen a reduction in demand for over five years. It is not the same people repeatedly calling and needing help either. The need for food continues to come from individuals and families facing an emergency that resulted from a crisis. A couple of Emergency Food Hampers and a strong connection with a partner that provides programming to address root causes can significantly reduce the crisis and prevent it from becoming a long-term event. This collective action ensures a solid recovery and lifelong resiliency.”

James McAra
President & CEO, Calgary Food Bank
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