The one-stop-shop for agencies in Calgary

The program was created in co-operation with our food industry partners who looked for ways to broaden their donations to other groups in Calgary. Since we have the community connections and the capacity to handle bulk food donations, it was a natural fit for everyone to come to one location. With Food Link as their one-stop-shop, agencies can focus their time and resources on important program delivery instead of sourcing food.

We don’t have to look far to see examples of the impact. Just this past summer the Cornerstone Youth Centre, a youth serving agency, received over $50,000 worth of food which made nearly 500 meals a week for eight weeks. Women’s Emergency Shelter, Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society, made three meals-a-day for 400 children; and Easter Seals Camp Horizon received enough food to make over 600 meals a day.

“The majority of our food comes from Food Link, to serve snacks, lunch, and meals for our youth. Now we have started a breakfast program! We can support youth who otherwise are underfed and needing support. Thank you, everyone, at the Food Bank!” ~ Cornerstone Youth Centre

This program is an important agency connector. When conversations happen in Food Link, information is shared and resources are pooled. From creating the daily menu at the Drop-In Centre that feeds 1,000 people three times a day; to finding a home for an unused freezer; program advice for clients; or sharing cookies from new friends, food makes daily  conversations and connections possible at Door #10.

For Alcove, Food Link is a blessing:

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