PB&J flashback to Stampede 2016

Remember when the 2016 Calgary Stampede Parade Marshals were Paul Brandt and Jann Arden? They were quickly coined ‘PB&J’… and we had an idea.

Peanut butter was, and still is, one of our most-needed items. It’s a favourite of all ages and it’s an important source of protein. So we asked Paul Brandt and Jann Arden to help spread awareness that the Calgary Food Bank needed peanut butter, peanut butter alternatives and jam. The dynamic duo went even further and recruited the help of Kraft Canada and Calgary Co-op.

PB, or Paul Brandt, explained “We just thought let’s do something great with this, and let’s encourage our community to rally around the food bank.”

The result was 300 containers of Kraft Peanut Butter and 300 jars of Co-op raspberry jam in the hampers of 300 families and individuals in need. What a great way to Put the Boots to Hunger!

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