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Volunteer Spotlight

the adetunji family

The Adetunjis are a family of four with very busy schedules who still make time every week to volunteer at the Calgary Food Bank. Lukemon works at Cenovus, Kafilat is an ICU nurse at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Adil and Asiyah are students at Westmount Charter School. On Saturdays you can find them volunteering in our distribution center, building the Emergency Food Hampers that are distributed to our clients that same day. 

“COVID-19 made us realize just how many people are in need,” says Lukemon, “that’s when we started getting involved at the Food Bank.”

Kafilat was the first one in the family to start volunteering, and she comes by herself on Thursday mornings after her night shift at the hospital ends. During the summer last year, Adil joined her, sacrificing summer sleep-ins to get some experience in a different area of the Calgary Food Bank.

After the family had been volunteering for a while, Adil and Asiyah came up with the idea to raise funds through the Calgary Marathon. They reached out to us to propose the idea and our Community Events team was able to make it happen. Soon they were contacting friends, family, teachers and colleagues and rallying support for their cause. They’ve been able to raise $6,460 to date (and counting), under the name “The Uplifters”.

“They are trying to lift people up,” explains Lukemon, “[Adil and Asiyah] are so dedicated to the Calgary Food Bank, I am very proud.”

So why go out of you way to go above and beyond for people you don’t even know? For the Adetunjis, it all comes down to spreading happiness, showing gratitude and of course, making sure that when all is said and done, no one is going hungry.

“We are so blessed to be a part of this community. We’ve never had to be on the receiving end, but we are very grateful to always have been able to give.”

childrens birthday party

Planned Giving

childrens birthday party

joan hudson’s story

Joan Hudson was born on May 20, 1935, in Pense, Saskatchewan. At that time Pense was little more than a grain elevator, a few churches and some farms underneath the endless sky of the prairies. While it sounds like the picture of serenity, this was during the Dirty Thirties, a time of hardship and drought that ravaged many families and forced them to leave the only home they had ever known.

Undoubtedly, growing up in this era of hard times had a profound impact in shaping Joan and making her into the strong and charitable woman she grew to be. Friends remember her as someone with a powerful sense of justice and who loved to help other people.
Joan was rich in love throughout her life. She had a husband, dogs, many close friends, and strong family ties. She passed away on April 5, 2023 after several decades full of living and caring.
Before she passed, Joan designated several meaningful gifts to different non-profits, including the Calgary Food Bank. We are proud to be a part of her legacy of giving. 

 Bare Bottoms Diaper Drive

Diapers are a critical part of every baby’s life, but they come with a high cost. Babies will use more than 2,500 diapers during their first year, costing up to $1200, depending on the brand. That’s about $100 a month for just diapers. This expense can quickly add up and become overwhelming for families already struggling to make ends meet. 

Last year, the diapers, funds and formula raised from the Bare Bottoms Diaper Drive contributed to 14,035 baby hampers. That wouldn’t have happened without the incredible support of our community. 

Given the current cost of living crisis, more and more families are unable to afford diapers and formula.

Please consider lending a hand to our most vulnerable clients. 

Partners In Action

woods homes logo

This month we are spotlighting Wood’s Homes, a mental health center providing treatment and support for children, young people and families. They provide referrals to our Emergency Food Hamper Program and distribute food through our Mobile Hamper and Food Link programs.

A Word From Our CEO

Melissa From Calgary Food Bank CEO in warehouse

Just a few weeks ago The Calgary Food Bank celebrated national volunteer week. The theme for national volunteer week this year was every moment matters. This couldn’t ring more true than at the Calgary Food Bank. With as many as 160 volunteer shifts each day, volunteers make up over 40% of our workforce.

Volunteers sort food, bag produce, fill hampers, load trucks, help organize community events, greet clients in the parking lot and take their calls in our call centre. Volunteers work tirelessly to support those in need in our community. Every moment that they contribute to the Calgary Food Bank matters. It matters to us, and more importantly, it matters to our clients.

Thank you, Calgary Food Bank volunteers!


Coming Soon

Spring has sprung, which means that we are already thinking ahead to our much-loved Calgary Stampede campaign: Put the Boots to Hunger. This campaign allows companies to turn corporate events into Calgary Food Bank fundraisers, helping to ensure that no Calgarian has to go hungry. 

Last year, with your incredible support, we were able to raise a staggering $280,805! This year, as food costs continue to rise, we’re saddleing up to do it again and we need your help. Register your event today! 

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In the spirit of reconciliation, the Calgary Food Bank acknowledges that we live, work and play on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksika, Kainai, Piikani), the Tsuut’ina, the Îyâxe Nakoda Nations, the Métis Nation (Region 3), and all people who make their homes in the Treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta.

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