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Weekends and More (WAM)


Food insecurity can have lasting  effects on health, especially on children. It is with this in mind that the food bank and the CBE created a collaborative hunger-prevention program, Weekends and More (WAM), to help children get the healthy, nutritious food they need to stay healthy and learning.

How it works:

  • Students are identified by teachers, counsellors or resource workers who then sign them up for the program.
  • The day before the weekend, children in the program are given discreet hampers containing kid-friendly meals to take home with them.
  • The child’s progress is reported on and once a stable food source becomes permanent in the home, children are taken out of the program as needed.

The program is sponsored by ONE Properties and individual donors in collaboration with CBE and organizations that provide food to children.

“The expressions of joy and excitement on their faces makes my heart melt each Friday. Weekends, long weekends and holidays were always our saddest times wondering what our children had available to them. Thank you, thank you! This program has impacted our students in their daily lives and our school has been able to reach out and assist our little ones in ways I never thought would be feasible!” Participating school

Hunger Facts

  • 4 in 10 Calgary Food Bank clients are children
  • 47% of our clients are families

2017 WAM Program Facts:




Teachers saw tremendous improvement in their students


Hampers distributed to chronically hungry children