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Fighting Hunger And Its Root Cause

Food Link Snapshot

Calgary Food Bank programming has improved through rigorous review and adaptation, allowing them to deliver more value to the people they serve. To access the Food Link Program, organizations must go through an application process. For more information please call 403-253-2059 or email.

The Food Link program is a Calgary Food Bank program that provides food and supplies to qualified organizations so they can focus their resources on important program delivery dealing with root causes of food insecurity. It was created in co-operation with food industry partners. Since the Calgary Food Bank has the community connections and the capacity to handle bulk food donations, it was a natural fit for everyone to come to one location. Please email if you’d like more information: 

Food is a great connector and many of these organizations connect with clients over meals and snacks with vulnerable populations. Organizations that utilize the Food Link Program supplement their food supply, and almost half are able to invest in expanding and improving programming because of the cost savings. Staff development, offering more programs, or expanding their scope are just some of the examples that are making a bigger impact on their clientele and therefore the community.

How to determine if your organization can access the Food Link Program:

  • Must be registered as a charitable organization.
  • Organizations that are not a registered charitable organization must provide evidence that they fall under exemptions as per the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Must serve a food insecure population.
  • Is not already providing service duplication such as hampers or pantries.
  • Does not operate as a food bank. Please refer to our Food Share Program for information about access for food banks.
  • Must not charge fees for services.
  • Programming works to address the root causes of your client’s food insecurity.
  • Organization’s programming works to create client self-sufficiency.
  • Accessing the Food Link Program will enhance the organization’s ability to provide effective programming.

Accessing Food Link

Food Link orders are accessed at our main location (5000 11 Street SE) from ​the Donation Centre which is ​at Door 7​, located on the west side of our building. Access is by appointment only, Monday to Friday. Pease confirm pick-up location and time before you arrive.

“By bringing our clients together and sharing a meal, we are able to establish community development opportunities. It has decreased social isolation and the mental health struggles associated with that.”

Highbanks Society

Numbers reflect our fiscal year, September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023.

pounds of food

Food Link Partners

Value of food distributed ($)

Food Link Is A Blessing For Agencies

Alcove Recovery

Alcove Recovery is an addiction center for women and their children, they have been around for 40 years. The Food Link program saves them about 40% of their budget, they come to the food bank about once a week. With losing some major funders this year, if they had to worry about food costs on top of that they would not be able to survive.

Inn from the Cold

Inn from the Cold is an emergency shelter for homeless families. Every week there are about 30 families who stay at the Inn and come to the community pantry in order to receive food that the food bank provides. The Food Bank and Food Link is a vital partner for Inn from the Cold in order for them to feed the families they serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in the Food Link Program?

How do I join the Food Link Program?

To apply for the Food Link Program, please contact Rob Stobbe or Leanna Andrews to request an application form.

Rob Stobbe
P: 403-253-2059, Ext. 291

Leanna Andrews
P: 403-253-2059, Ext. 230

Or email: 

Do you only distribute food in the Food Link Program?

Depending on inventory, you can also access other supplies such as diapers, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies. Please note non-food items are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

Current Food Link Program Partner

How are order forms created?

Order forms are updated daily based on the food and supplies in stock and available to the Food Link program. Although the Calgary Food Bank receives a certain item, it doesn’t mean that Food Link Program will receive it. There are many different programs at the Food Bank offers so the food is shared amongst all programs. We try to keep some staple items consistent on the order forms, but this is why items are not always offered on the order form or guaranteed to be received.

When can I come to pickup from Food Link?

Please come to our main warehouse (5000 11 Street SE) at Door 7, located on the west side of the building.

Food Link access is by appointment only. Your order will be brought to the dock in order for you to load direct into your vehicle from the outside.

Please note we are not open on the weekends.

Can I change my pickup time?

If your pick up time no longer works for your organization contact Leanna to see if there is a better time to suit your needs. Please note, timeslots are subject to availability.


How do I access milk and eggs through Food Link?

Please contact the Food Link Coordinator, Rob Stobbe  or Food Link Associate, Leanna Andrews to request access to milk and eggs from the Food Link Program.

Rob Stobbe, Food Link Coordinator
P: 403-253-2059, Ext. 291

Leanna Andrews, Food Link Associate
P: 403-253-2059, Ext. 230

Is there a limit on what I can take?

Once you are approved for access as a partner organization, you will be provided an order form that you can use to review what we have available for food and supplies and submit this order prior to your scheduled pick up.

Why are there limits on some food items?

Sometimes the amount of a product we receive is limited, putting a limit on the order amount is our way of being fair and ensuring everyone receives the product.

What is Leanna’s Cooler/ Freezer Surprise?

Sometimes we receive only a couple of cases of one item and there isn’t enough to offer to everyone, so we compile all of these ‘one off items’ into one “surprise” inventory item! Feel free to message the Food Link team if you’d like to know what these items are. 

How does reporting work?

We require our Food Link organizations to provide regular quarterly feedback on the program. When we track the impact, structure and value of the program we can work to best suit the needs of both your organization and the community. Reporting is a mandatory part of accessing the Food Link Program and failing to submit surveys on time may result in losing access to the program. You can ensure you are added to the quarterly Food Link Program reporting mailing list with your most up to date contact information by signing-up here.

For more information on the quarterly reporting process, please contact:
Sandeep Lotay, Program Supervisor
P: 403.253.2059 x253


What does the Calgary Food Bank do with the information received from the quarterly surveys?

We read through all the surveys, compile the date, and try to make regular changes based on your feedback to improve the program e.g., you’ll notice more fresh produce being included on the order forms as of January 2022 because we heard from all of you that this something you’d like!

Become A Community Partner

Contact Jonathan Espayos by email or call 403-253-2059 ext. 284 to request an application form and receive more details.

In the spirit of reconciliation, the Calgary Food Bank acknowledges that we live, work and play on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksika, Kainai, Piikani), the Tsuut’ina, the Îyâxe Nakoda Nations, the Métis Nation (Region 3), and all people who make their homes in the Treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta.

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Monday to Thursday: 8:15 am – 7:00 pm
Friday: 8:15 am – 4:00 pm


By appointment only.



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