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Agencies and the Food Bank

Food Link Program

The Food Link Program provides quality bulk food and supplies to qualified charitable organizations in Calgary and area. This program allows organizations to focus their time and resources on important program delivery instead of purchasing these items.

When your organization becomes an approved Food Link agency you can access the program as many times a week as you need. In addition to food, other items such as diapers, kitchen, and cleaning supplies may be available, although are not guaranteed.

Can my agency access Food Link?

  • Your agency must be registered as a charitable organization.
  • Agencies that are not a registered charitable organization must provide evidence that they fall under exemptions as per the CRA.
  • Your agency serves a food insecure population.
  • Your agency is not already providing service duplication such as hampers or pantries.
  • Your agency does not operate as a food bank. Please refer to our Food Share Program for information about access for food banks.
  • Your agency must not charge fees for services.
  • Your agency’s programming works to address the root causes of your client’s food insecurity.
  • Your agency’s programming works to create client self-sufficiency.
  • Accessing the Food Link Program will enhance your agency’s ability to provide effective programming.
  • Your agency has access to a commercial kitchen within its facility and cooks meals for clients.

Accessing Food Link

Food Link is accessed at our main location (5000 11 Street SE) from Door 3 located on the west side of our building. Access is by appointment only, Monday to Friday.

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQ section, or contact Lisa Trentham at 403-253-2059 Ext. 230.


How do I apply?

Please contact Lisa Trentham by email or call 403-253-2059, Ext. 230 to request an application form.

What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Food Link Program?

To apply for the Food Link Program, please contact Lisa Trentham to request an application form.

Lisa Trentham, Food Link Associate
E: ltrentham@calgaryfoodbank.com
P: 403-253-2059, Ext. 230

How can I get an ID card for Food Link?

For health and safety purposes, everyone in the Calgary Food Bank building needs to have identification. It is mandatory for all agency workers to have an ID card or name tag while in the building.

If you are a new agency worker: Please ask a coordinator from your organization to contact Lisa Trentham to get an ID card. It can take up to one week to get an ID card.

If you have lost your ID card: Please contact our Food Link staff, Lisa Trentham, to get a new ID card. Please note, it can take up to one week to get a replacement ID card.

Lisa Trentham, Food Link Associate
E: ltrentham@calgaryfoodbank.com
P: 403-253-2059, Ext. 230

When can I come to pickup from Food Link?

Please come to our main warehouse (5000 11 Street SE) at Door 3, located on the west side of the building.

Food Link access is by appointment only. Your order will be brought to the dock in order for you to load direct into your vehicle from the outside.

Please note we are not open on the weekends.

Can a colleague pick-up from Food Link on my behalf?

Unfortunately, no. All new agency workers need to provide a written request to a Food Link staff member from the agency coordinator to obtain access to the Food Link Program. Please note, it can take up to 24 business hours to process this request.

How does reporting work?

We require our Food Link organizations to provide regular quarterly feedback on the program. When we track the impact, structure and value of the program we can work to best suit the needs of both your organization and the community. Reporting is a mandatory part of accessing the Food Link Program and failing to submit surveys on time may result in losing access to the program. You can ensure you are added to the quarterly Food Link Program reporting mailing list with your most up to date contact information by signing-up here.

For more information on the quarterly reporting process, please contact:
Komal Jafri, Social Research Coordinator
E: kjafri@calgaryfoodbank.com
P: 403-253-2059, Ext. 228

Do you only distribute food in the Food Link Program?

Depending on inventory, you can also access other supplies such as diapers, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies. Please note non-food items are not guaranteed and subject to availability.

How do I access milk and eggs through Food Link?

Please contact the Food Link Associate, Lisa Trentham to request access to milk and eggs from the Food Link Program.

Lisa Trentham, Food Link Associate
E: ltrentham@calgaryfoodbank.com
P: 403-253-2059, Ext. 230

Is there a limit on what I can take?

Once you are approved for access as an agency, you will be provided an order form that you can use to review what we have available for food and supplies and submit this order prior to your scheduled pick up.

What safety policies should I be aware of?

Because the Food Link area is in a warehouse environment, the following are safety protocols that must be adhered to.

  • Closed toed shoes are mandatory.
  • Electronic devices cannot be used.
  • Masks are mandatory when entering the building.

Please note: due to the pandemic your order will be brought to the dock in order for you to load direct into your vehicle from the outside.

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