Volunteer FAQ's


Volunteer in phone roomQ:  At what times do you have volunteer shifts? 

A:  The Food Bank is open Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Fridays 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  We have morning, afternoon and evening shifts available during the week at our warehouse. We do have volunteer opportunities at special events, which take place at various times and locations including weekends.

Q:  Do you have a minimum time commitment you require of your volunteers?

A:  We do not have a minimum time commitment we require of our volunteers. We have volunteers who work with us once a week, once a month or maybe twice a year at special events. We offer flexible volunteer scheduling that can work with your busy life.



Q:  Do I have to schedule a time to come in and volunteer or can I just drop in?

A:  All volunteers must be scheduled in advance. The Food Bank does not have drop-in volunteer opportunities. In order to work effectively and efficiently, our warehouse staff divide up the work that needs to be done every day based on the number of volunteers scheduled to come in. Warehouse staff need to set up work areas with supplies and ensure there is enough work for everyone to be busy and engaged during their whole shift.

Q:  What is the minimum age requirement to volunteer?

A:  The minimum age requirement to volunteer at the Food Bank is 12 years old. We are classified as an industrial warehouse and our age restrictions are based on occupational health and safety standards. Youth between 12 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Volunteer opportunities are sometimes available at special events for youth under the age of 12 when accompanied by an adult.

Q:  Can families volunteer together?

A:  Absolutely. We register family members as individual volunteers and will schedule you to volunteer together on the same shift.


Group Volunteers

Q: How large a group can you accomodate on a volunteer shift?

A: The size of group we can accomodate on our morning and afternoon shifts varies throughout the year and depends on our workload. On our evening shift, our maximum group size is 10 individuals. Please contact Volunteer Resources to discuss group size.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement to volunteer at the Food Bank?

A:  The minimum age to volunteer at the Food Bank is 12 years old. We are classified as an industrial warehouse and our age restrictions are based on occupational health and safety standards. For youth who volunteer together as a group, we require a ratio of one adult supervisor for every 5 youth volunteers.

Q: My company would like to have a traning session in the morning and then volunteer in the afternoon. Do you have an area for us to hold a training session?

A:  We have two meeting spaces available for your team to use for half a day. For the other half of the day, we will provide a team bonding opportunity through volunteer opportunities. You can arrange for catering into either room or visit a local restaurant for lunch. Our two meeting spaces are:

The BoardroomThe Training Room
suitable for up to 16 peoplesuitable for up to 20 people
one large oval tableten small tables/paired into five large tables
TV, VCR, DVD, screen availableTV, VCR, DVD, screen, podium available
flip chart and pensflip chart and pens

 Q: Are tours available for groups?

A:  Absolutely! A tour either before or after your volunteer shift is a great way to see how the work you do that day in our warehouse impacts our clients and the Calgary community in general. When you book your volunteer shift, please mention that your group is interested in touring our facility and we will arrange for one of our fun and informative tour guides to show you around.

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