Vision, Mission, And Values Statement

The Calgary Food Bank is an emergency food distribution hub for individuals and families in temporary crisis.  We work with and support other charitable organizations who work with low-income Calgarians. 

The Calgary Food Bank is not a government or a United Way agency.

Our Vision:

People collage

Working together to create a hunger-free community.

Our Mission:

Working with our community to gather and distribute healthy emergency food to those in need and contribute to public awareness of the conditions that led to food insecurity.

Our Values: 

  • All people are treated with compassion, dignity and understanding.                                                      
  • Our clients deserve the most nutritious food we are able to provide.
  • The best way to address food insecurity is in collaboration with others.
  • Volunteerism is our strength and primary resource.
  • We are accountable to our community for the programs and services we deliver.
  • We are responsible and transparent stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our community.
  • We encourage leadership at all levels.
  • Safety in our operations is paramount.