Tax Effective Ways to Give

Ways you can Give

How you can GiveDonor benefit


  • Cash, cheque, or credit card.
  • Receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the gift, for the year the gift was received.
Appreciated Securities
  • Shares that you own can easily be transferred to the Calgary Food Bank's brokerage account.
  • The Calgary Food Bank will provide you with a Gift of Securities Form to ease the process.
  • When you transfer shares in-kind, the capital gains tax is eliminated.
  • The tax receipt is issued for the market value of the securities on the day they are received in our trading account.
Stock Options
  • Donate employee stock options.
  • Similar to a gift of appreciated securities, capital gains tax is eliminated.
Depreciated Securities
  • Sell the depreciated securities and donate the proceeds.
  • Use the capital loss to offset any other capital gains you may have.
  • A net loss can be used in previous tax years and can be carried back (consult an account or the Canada Revenue Agency for more specific information).
Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Make the Calgary Food Bank the owner of a policy and continue to pay your premiums.
  • Transfer ownership and continue to pay premiums.
  • Receive a tax receipt for premiums paid after the ownership of the policy has been transferred.
  • Allow for a deferred gift, while enjoying tax savings now.
Gifts from your Estate
  • No immediate cost, but can allow for you to leave a larger gift than you can afford during your lifetime.
  • Your Estate will receive a tax receipt to offset taxes owing at death.
Proceeds from Retirement Funds
  • Name the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank Society was the beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF.
  • The gift will go directly to the Calgary Food Bank.
  • The tax receipt generated will offset taxes .

Note: our correct legal name is the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank Society.

All planned giving decisions should be made in consulation with family members and with the assistance of legal, tax, and other financial planning professionals.