Redirection of Food (aka Reverse Logistics)

Filling pantries, not landfills...

What is Reverse Logistics?

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The Calgary Food Bank works with manufacturers, transportation companies, retailers, wholesalers and distributors to redirect viable but unwanted food.

  • allows us to utilize food that would otherwise be moved to a landfill site

  • The Charitable Donation of Food Act in Alberta removes liability from those in the food industry who support the Calgary Food Bank


Cindy Drummond and Trudi Webster
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What are some reasons food shipments are viable but unwanted?

  • a store declines a shipment because of damage to outer packaging, inner packaging remains intact
  • consumer demand falls short of that anticipated, resulting in unsold product
  • there is an error in packaging (ie. misaligned printing, content error, bar code change)
  • a promotion or contest has ended and the business can no longer display the product
  • suppliers have an abundance of ‘seasonal food’ left over at the end of the season


How can companies benefit?

  • labour and waste disposal cost savings
  • corporate social responsibility
  • brand protection
  • reduction of environmental footprint
  • tax benefits

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