Praise from our Partners...

Community Kitchen: "The Calgary Food Bank has been a staple that we could not do without! They graciously supply both perishable and non-perishable items on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, which helps to provide Calgarians with sustainable food sources of nutritious, healthy food. The Calgary Food Bank is a major contributor in assisting us to successfully run nine different programs - all dealing with poverty, homelessness and hunger. The Calgary Food Bank also supplies our "A" hamper boxes, which is part of the package we provide to individuals who are coming out of transitional housing through Habitat for Humanity. We have partnered with the Calgary Food Bank from 2000 to present. Community Kitchen Program of Calgary does food pick-ups with our five tonne trucks whenever we are called to do so."

AIDS Calgary Awareness Association: "We appreciate the way the Calgary Food Bank has a variety of food programs to meet the diverse needs of our clients, enabling us to provide food to all of our clients regardless of their circumstances. The Calgary Food Bank has always been flexible in the way that we access their services, enabling AIDS Calgary to use their programs and services at the time and amount that is best for us. We appreciate their ability to adapt to our needs."

Inn From the Cold: "Inn from the Cold has partnered with the Food Bank for over eight years. Inn from the Cold benefits from a program that was made specifically for us in which we can pick up food twice a week to feed our over 90 guests each evening. Our families who are out in the community also rely on the Food Bank to help them in their day to day lives. Inn from the Cold most values our ability to feed our guests healthy and sustainable meals with the help of the Food Bank. Also the Food Bank allows us to significantly cut costs by supplementing our grocery shopping."

Schizophrenia Society of Alberta, Calgary Branch: "The partnership with the Calgary Food Bank has been really positive for us and our clients, helping us to help some of Calgary's most disaffected and marginalized persons. It has also opened up a lot of conversations about good nutrition, which is often an issue with people on a low income; it is wonderful to be able to give people fruit and vegetables and they are always a popular choice! As obesity and poor physical health is often a consequence for those on psychotropic medications, we feel promoting healthy choices is an important part of our holistic approach to recovery. We are so grateful to the Food Bank for giving us a new tool to better support our clients!"

Made by Momma:  "We have been partnered with Calgary Food Bank since the spring of 2012 and are one of the many agencies who benefit from the JP Morgan Food Link program. Our relationship with the Calgary Food Bank has provided us with the opportunity to support so many more families in need and to develop community bonds with other local non-profit organizations."

Aventa Addiction Treatment for Women: "Aventa is very fortunate to be a part of the JP Morgan Food Link program offered by the Calgary Food Bank. This valuable program provides our agency with much-needed bulk food donations that we might otherwise not be able to provide to our clients on a regular basis. As a not-for-profit organization, Aventa relies heavily on the JP Morgan Food Link program to drastically reduce our food cost, which allows us to focus our funding resources on providing addiction treatment services to women. Many women who access our services are pregnant or at risk for becoming pregnant, and Food Link ensures we can provide well-balanced nutritious meals every day."

Children's Cottage Society: "We have been supported by the Calgary Food Bank since 1988. The Food Bank is a great resource that our agency can count on for a very important basic need. They process referrals quickly and the front line staff are friendly and helpful, which makes accessing the Food Bank a positive experience.The Calgary Food Bank’s welcome home hamper is a great resource for families when they move into their own residence. As well, The milk programs that the Calgary Food Bank facilitates are a great resource to ensure families have enough milk for their children during financial difficulties. Our Healthy Families program values our relationship with the Food Bank for a number of reasons. We offer support to families in their homes, so we see first-hand the struggles that many face making ends meet. Without the Food Bank's assistance, many of our families and their young children would have even less. Christmas hampers and family food hampers make a huge impact on our clients. The Food Bank is a valuable resource for us to access when families are in need!"

Millican Ogen Community Association Family Resource Centre:  "We have partnered with the Calgary Food Bank since 2000. Our relationship allows us to assist families and individuals and assure their dignity and respect is preserved because the Food Bank and the MOCA-FRC share the same values and support clients when they are in crisis and not able to provide food for themselves. Whether in giving a referral for a hamper or providing an emergency hamper at the FRC, we know that the quality and quantity of food provided will be in good standards, balanced and healthy."

Emma Maternity House Society: "We have been partnered with the Calgary Food Bank for 2 and 1/2 years. Our agency values the relationship we have with the Calgary Food Bank - it has cut our food budget in half which allows more dollars to be used in other areas of need. Emma House has no government funding but operates totally on donations, so whenever we find a way to stretch a dollar we are very, very grateful."

The Rehabilitation Society of Calgary: "We have been in partnership with the Calgary Food Bank for approximately 15 years. Our relationship with the Calgary Food Bank is extremely important to us. With their help, our kitchen team (all people with disabilities) is able to provide the opportunity to plan and create meals and snacks for themselves."

BackDoor Youth Church & Outreach of Cornerstone Christian Assembly & King of Glory Lutheran Church: Six years ago, Cornerstone Christian Assembly joined King of Glory Lutheran Church and made two congregations into one. We have been affiliated with the Calgary Food Bank for many, many years. The Calgary Food Bank supports us with food to prepare dinner meals and snacks for 20 to 30 youth on Tuesday nights and 40-50 youth on Thursday nights. Without the Food Bank, we would not be able to offer a hot meal to youth who often have not eaten all day!

Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta:  "The Calgary Food Bank’s collaboration with Ronald McDonald House has helped to us to reach far more families with children who are facing a medical crisis. These families’ most frequent appreciation is for the home cooked meals provided by volunteers and our bagged lunch program which provides a quick and nutritious lunch for families at local Calgary hospitals. They are also grateful for the volunteers who keep our kitchen stocked with homemade treats like cookies and cakes. As we interact with families, we have the resource of the Calgary Food Bank to refer those needing some extra help. We value the relationship with the Food Bank, and we look forward to working together to serve our community."

Servants Anonymous Society:  "We value our partnership with the Calgary Food Bank, and we benefit from a number of programs. Partnering with the Food Bank helps us support to our clients which are Calgary's most vulnerable women and their children. We utilize the Calgary Food Bank’s JP Morgan Food  Link Program to provide food for clients in our SAFE House Program, our ASK Program. The Calgary Food Bank also provides a “welcome home basket” for women transitioning from homelessness to our housing. We are also able to refer clients there to receive further/future help."

Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society: "We have partnered with the Calgary Food Bank for over 15 years. We receive support through a number of their programs. The food received through this program means every day, 365 days of the year, we can serve approximately 3,000 free and nutritious meals to anyone who stops in for a meal. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks as well as bag lunches for those who are unable to attend mealtimes due to work, school or other commitments. As well the Food Bank supplies us with Hampers for the Homeless."

Sonshine Community Services:  "We have partnered with the Calgary Food Bank since 2008. We participate in the JP Morgan Food Link Program and the JP Morgan Food Link Delivery Program. These programs ensure that we have access to both perishable and non-perishable food for our clients. Knowing that we can offer one of the basic necessities of life each week for our clients eases the burden for us as an organization. Having the food here at the shelter through our volunteers who pick up once a week and Marc who delivers is such a great help as many of our clients do not have the means to get to the Food Bank."

Sunrise Community Link Resource Centre Society:  "We have partnered with the Calgary Food Bank for the past 12 years. The Calgary Food Bank has helped us help our clients. The open communication and their willingness to work with us to fulfill the needs of our clients has been greatly appreciated.  There are an array of basic needs referrals and in-house services that Sunrise is able to provide to community members on a drop-in basis, this includes the Calgary Food Bank and many more."

CUPS Calgary:  "We have partnered with the Food Bank for many years. Food is essential. Many that we work with do not regularly have healthy and nutritious meals. It is not only Calgary Food Banks provision of food that makes them such wonderful partners and so important to the work that we undertake, but also their flexibility, inclusiveness and responsiveness to changing needs of our programs. They are highly supportive of our goals, and we are very grateful for all they do for and with us."

The Alex: "The Alex is very appreciative of our relationship with The Calgary Food Bank. We benefit from multiple programs that are offered including the JP Morgan Food Link food pick up and delivery as well as we refer our clients to the Calgary Food Bank for their Emergency Food Hamper Program. The difficult decision of putting food on the table or paying the rent should not be a decision Calgarians have to make. Our partnership with The Calgary Food Bank helps us eliminate this choice so that we can focus on addressing the issues that led to an individual's or family's homelessness and begin rebuilding lives.  The Calgary Food Bank is a valued partner supporting many of The Alex programs, their support allows us to allocate resources to what we do best - break cycles of poverty and homelessness. We are fortunate to operate in a community where we support one another bringing our expertise to the table for a common good."

The Dream Centre:  "The Calgary Dream Centre has partnered with the Calgary Food Bank from the CDC's beginning, 10 years ago. At the Dream Centre we benefit from the Food Bank's JP Morgan Food Link program. The Food Bank also provides us with guaranteed items each month. At the Calgary Dream Centre, we are so grateful for our partnership with the Calgary Food Bank, as this partnership allows our organization to run successfully. If we didn't have the support of the Food Bank, producing the over 300 meals necessary each day would not be possible. The staff at the Calgary Food Bank are all incredible and go out of their way to ensure we have what we need to sustain our programs."

Women in Need Society:  "We have partnered with the Food Bank for close to 20 years. We provide food bank referrals to clients and we also participate in the JP Morgan Food Link program which allows us to pick up food weekly for use in the Family Resource Centres. We also refer clients during the holidays to Participate in the Christmas hamper program. The relationship with the staff and our ability to assist clients beyond the scope of our Programs is due to the support of the Food Bank. The staff is really helpful when we refer clients for hampers."

Wood's Homes:  "Wood’s Homes have been benefiting from the Calgary Food Bank for many years as they offer a variety in services that fit the needs of our clients. We benefit from a number of programs that they offer. We receive food from the JP Morgan Food Link program, we refer clients to the Food Bank to utilize their Emergency Food Hamper Program, as well we distribute the Hampers for The Homeless the Food Bank creates to our clients. The Calgary Food Bank has been very accommodating and flexible in their service delivery of food. The staff and volunteers are non-judgmental, compassionate and passionate. We appreciate The Food Bank’s refusal to accept that anyone in Calgary should be going without food."

YWCA of Calgary:  "The Food Bank connects with our shelter and residency programs (YWCA Sherrif King Home and YWCA Mary Dover House) and also supports the needs of women engaged in our training programs as well as clients who we may refer directly. The Food Bank is open to discussion about how we can work more effectively to feed people in Calgary who are in need. The openness and willingness to share and innovate around efficiency and good practices - while each focusing on our strengths - is very valuable."

Diakonos Retreat Society: "We have partnered with the Food Bank for the past 2 years. The Calgary Food Bank provides Emergency Food Hampers at crisis time as well as Christmas Hampers around the holidays. The Calgary Food Bank also ensures that our clients have snacks such as granola bars and juice boxes for breakfasts and lunches on the go. The Calgary Food Bank understands that sometimes those who you would think would be okay are not and require help. The Calgary Food Bank offers its resources and services with confidentiality and protects our clients' privacy."

Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary: "Elizabeth Fry has been providing services in Calgary since 1965. Most women with a history of conflict with law experience economic hardship, so the Food Bank is a life-saving service for our clients. The Food Bank has offered consistent quality services provided by compassionate staff and volunteers. The Food Bank has always been most helpful in assisting our clients and offering up ways to partner with Elizabeth Fry in order to optimize access to services."