JP Morgan Food Link Program

The JP Morgan Food Link Program distributes everything from canned beans to laundry detergent to other Calgary-based community programs

  • JP Morgan Food Link product uses range from snacks at an after-school program to full meals and more    
  • participating partners pick up food and household items from our warehouse on a pre-arranged schedule
    • the schedule depends on their need and our resources          

Food Link area

With so many service providers operating on a volunteer basis in small spaces, we found that agencies were needing more food than they could pick up or store. 

  • in an effort to get available emergency food to the Calgarians who need it, the Food Bank recently added a new truck and driver to our fleet
  • this allows us to distribute additional JP Morgan Food Link products to agencies that are unable to get to us as often as they would like


Read what our partners have to say …

Community Kitchen: "The Calgary Food Bank has been a staple that we could not do without! They graciously supply both perishable and non-perishable items on a weekly/sometimes daily basis, which helps to provide Calgarians with sustainable food sources of nutritious, healthy food. The Calgary Food Bank is a major contributor in assisting us to successfully run nine different programs - all dealing with poverty, homelessness and hunger. The Calgary Food Bank also supplies our "A" hamper boxes, which is part of the package we provide to individuals who are coming out of transitional housing through Habitat for Humanity. We have partnered with the Calgary Food Bank from 2000 to present. Community Kitchen Program of Calgary does food pick-ups with our five tonne trucks whenever we are called to do so.

AIDS Calgary Awareness Association: "We appreciate the way the Calgary Food Bank has a variety of food programs to meet the diverse needs of our clients enabling us to provide food to all our clients regardless of their circumstances. The Calgary Food Bank has always been flexible in the way that we access their services, enabling AIDS Calgary to use their programs and services at the time and amount that is best for us. We appreciate their ability to adapt to our needs."

Inn From the Cold: "Inn from the Cold has partnered with the Food Bank for over 8 years. Inn from the Cold benefits from a program that was made specifically for us in which we can pick up food twice a week to feed our over 90 guests each evening. Our families who are out in the community also rely on the Food Bank to help them in their day to day lives. Inn from the Cold most values our ability to feed our guests healthy and sustainable meals with the help of the Food Bank. Also the Food Bank allows us to significantly cut costs by supplementing our grocery shopping."

Schizophrenia Society of Alberta, Calgary Branch: "The partnership with the Calgary Food Bank has been really positive for us and our clients, helping us to help some of Calgary's most disaffected and marginalized persons. It has also opened up a lot of conversations about good nutrition, which is often an issue with people on a low income - it is wonderful to be able to give people fruit and vegetables and they are always a popular choice! As obesity and poor physical health is often a consequence for those on psychotropic medications, we feel promoting healthy choices is an important part of our holistic approach to recovery. We are so grateful to the Food Bank for giving us a new tool to better support our clients!"

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