Health And Safety

Warehouse liftOur Health and Safety Policy states that we are personally committed to our own and everyone else’s health and safety - time and time again we have proved that these are not just words on a piece of paper signed by the CEO. From workers in the warehouse, to the drivers in our trucks, to the tour guides leading a group through the warehouse, to those dealing directly and indirectly with our clients, we have all taken measures to ensure the Calgary Food Bank provides the safest environment possible.


Alberta Workplace Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR)

  • this March, our Health & Safety Management System was evaluated by an external H&S Auditor …
    • we passed with a flying 91%!  
    • received a Certificate of Recognition (COR) awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards
    • Certificates are issued by Alberta Employment and Immigration and are co-signed by Certifying Partners

It is the culture of this organization and the conscientiousness of each worker that ensures the Calgary Food Bank is a safe place to work.


The Health & Safety Team at the Calgary Food Bank

Several employees have agreed that in addition to their regular jobs, they will assume other health and safety roles and responsibilities. We currently have:

  • 1 Health and Safety Coordinator
  • 3 Health and Safety internal auditors
  • 12 Health and Safety committee members, including the CEO, employees, supervisors, managers, and volunteers
  • 3 in-house First Aid instructors
  • 22 employee First Aid attendants
  • 43 volunteer First Aid attendants
  • 3 in-house Forklift instructors
  • 12 employees with Alberta Safe Food Handling Certification


Health and Safety Training for Employees and Volunteers

We believe it is important to provide health and safety training opportunities for all our employees and volunteers.

  • we hold two Health and Safety Awareness Weeks
    • intensive awareness campaigns are run
    • specific health and safety training is held
    • previous topics have included: 
      • safe lifting
      • ergonomic assessments
      • pandemic planning
      • nutrition
      • emergency evacuations
      • forklift and pallet jack safety
      • health & safety orientation refreshers
      • knife safety
      • automated external defibrillator awareness training
      • incident reporting.


Near Miss and Incident Reporting

  • encourage and support all employees and volunteers to report a near miss or incident
  • believe that by collecting the causes and choices that led to a near miss or incident we can make informed decisions that result in long lasting changes