Find out how to become one of our depots

Step 1: Learn More

The Calgary Food Bank’s Mission is to work with our community to gather and distribute healthy emergency food to those in need and provide public awareness for conditions that lead to food insecurity.

Our main warehouse is a 60,000 square-foot space in southeast Calgary. The sheer size of our warehouse allows us to collect and distribute a large variety of food through our Emergency Hampers.

Because of our location, it can be challenging for some Calgarians to pick up their hampers, which is where our depot locations become an important part of our distribution process. Currently, the Calgary Food Bank has six depots throughout the city.

We are always looking for community partners with available space to host depots. This allows us to increases the ease of access to emergency food in our city.

Hamper distribution

  • Hampers are built ahead of time by volunteers and delivered by the Calgary Food Bank to depots on the day of distribution
  • The non-perishable part of the hamper is built and stored in crates the day of distribution. This include milk, eggs, and often produce and proteins. If depots have space but not cold storage, we provide refrigeration

Step 2: How it Works

We want to make becoming a depot as easy as possible for our partners. With that in mind, the Calgary Food Bank will be highly engaged in the depot process to make it as stress-free as possible..

How we work together:

  • Depot’s will not be responsible for screening, qualifying or booking clients as this is done at our main location before distribution
  • Hampers are built ahead of time and delivered by Calgary Food Bank employees to depots on the day of distribution
  • The Calgary Food Bank will help with volunteer training and recruitment to maintain the depot and help with distribution
  • Though no one at the depot will be required to book any hampers or qualify clients, it is important to understand that confidential information will be handled and the confidentiality of our clients is extremely important.
  • We require a regular time commitment:
    • The distribution range for depots can be as few as once a week to as frequent as three times a week.
    • Distribution hours range from an hour and half to 3 hours.
    • Pickup times for clients can be during the day or during the evening

Step 3: Apply Now!

Please fill out the form below to become a Calgary Food Bank Emergency Food Hamper distribution depot. A food bank representative will be in touch to complete the application process.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a depot and helping create a hunger-free community!

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