Gifts Through Your Will

A Donor's Story - It's Just That Easy

"Ever since becoming aware of the Calgary Food Bank and the contribution they make to our city, I wanted to be involved. I started out by becoming a monthly donor. Then one day I thought that I should put my mouth where my money is and actually began volunteering at the Food Bank.

Several years later when I was updating my Will my attorney asked who my beneficiaries would be. I hadn't really given it much thought. I don't have any family, so I named some close friends. Then my lawyer asked if there are any charities that I support.

Wow! It had never crossed my mind - I could continue to support the Food Bank, even when I'm no longer physically here. I asked if it is a big hassle to set-up and my lawyer said no, we just need to include the charities name and the amount of the gift in your will.

Well, that was easy! I felt like I was at Staples!

I was unsure about how much I would be able to give, so my lawyer suggested that I just include a percentage in my Will. How simple can it be. I said, that works for me.

I am now thrilled to say that even when my mouth is no longer able to support the Food Bank, my money will be continuing to make a difference."

Harvest Club Founding Member

It's just that easy?

It really is that easy. If you believe that every person in Calgary matters and that everyone is entitled to healthy and nutritious food, considering a gift through your will might be right for you. You need will need to discuss this with a trusted advisor and family to ensure it is the right decision.

The Calgary Food Bank began as a community initiative and remains as that to this date. The Food Bank nourishes our friends and neighbours because of the support of people just like you. The bequests that we receive are no different - they are from people just like you.

Include the Food Bank in your Will

It's easy to include the Food Bank in your Will, our Sample Wording for Wills document is here to help you and your advisor.

If you would like to meet with someone from the Calgary Food Bank to help with anything to do with planned giving or if simply have feedback, please contact Christina Arnold at 403.319.0833 or Email her.