Gifts of Securities

What's The Benefit?

Donating publicly traded securities directly to a charity benefits you as the donor and us as a charity. With changes to the Income Tax Act, donating shares directly to a charity allows for the capital gains to be exempt.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact Christina Arnold at 403-319-0833 or email to get a Gift of Securities Form.

Here is an example of the benefit of donating publicly traded securities directly to the Calgary Food Bank (assumes a personal tax rate of 39%):

 Donate Stock Directly to the Calgary Food Bank (as of December 2012)Sell Stock and then gift the after-tax proceeds
Market Value$10,000$10,000
Original Share Cost$2,000$2,000
Capital Gain on Stock$8,000$8,000
Taxable Capital Gain$0$4,000
Tax Payable on Gain$0$1,560
Net Gift to the Calgary Food Bank$10,000$10,000
Tax Credit to Donor$4,950$3,390 ($4,950-$1,560)

If you have specific questions about the financial implications of donating securities you are advised contact your financial planning professional.