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Fresh Vegetable Gardens

Our Gardens

Food connects us as a community and builds each other up in times of need. Nothing is more true than Calgarians who have been growing-a-row and donating the bounty to the Calgary Food Bank.

Beets, carrots, potatoes and peas from gardens big and small have been adding to the fresh content of our hampers. From July through October, we distribute an average of 5,000 hampers per month. That’s fresh produce in 20,000 hampers during the garden season because of ALL garden contributions!

As always we could not do what we do every day if it wasn’t for the generosity of volunteers and donors. For 20 years, BP, Chevron and TransAlta volunteers have lovingly tended the Garden of Eat’n and the POWER garden, harvesting more than 50,000 pounds last year alone! Read more about last year’s gardens.

Dirt on vegetables is a good thing

Garden soil, free of pesticides or chemicals, creates a protective layer that keeps the produce fresher, longer. When we wash vegetables so they look ‘good’, they are now vulnerable to the air and will start to decompose.  Special cleaners are not necessary, just a simple wash just before use is the best.

Sorry, we do not accept crabapples

As very few people eat crabapples, make jam or other food items with them, we find it very hard to give them away to the clients and agencies.  Let’s not waste them! The Mustard Seed Shelter is more than happy to take apples, as they use them every day. Contact the Mustard Seed for more information on drop-offs.

Why is garden produce so important?

Fresh is best. Fresh produce is the number one item in Canada’s food guide. It is critical to eat well in order to build resilience – both physically and mentally.

When we can give food that is healthy, it is not just a gift for an empty tummy, it tells someone they matter and that we all want them to get out of the circumstances they are in by providing them with the best food possible.

How can you contribute?

It’s easy! Just bring your garden produce to our warehouse, Door #3, so we can store at the proper temperature and add to our hampers right away

Typical produce grown

Garden Photo Gallery

TransAlta POWER Garden

Started 1999

1.35 acres (.55 hectars)

ROI .01 cents per pound

BP Chevron Garden of Eat’n

Started 1997

1.75 acres (.71 hectares)

ROI .04 to .09 cents per pound