Employer Matching

“I am pleased that as a retiree, Shell Canada continues to complement my volunteer work at the Calgary Food Bank.”

                                                                                                                          Staff member and Brian Davis

   - Brian Davis, Volunteer and Shell Retiree







It's Easy to Take Part

See if your company participates

Check to see if your company has a matching program. If they don't, suggest that they start.

Get a matching form

Get the forms from your employer and make sure that the Calgary Food Bank is eligible to receive the matching funds.

Complete the form

Complete your portion of the form and submit it with your donation directly to us here at the Food Bank.

It's just that easy. We'll take care of the rest. We will send a tax receipt to you and notify your employer. Your employer will send their matching portion directly to the Food Bank.

Contact Christina Arnold at 403.319.0833 or carnold@calgaryfoodbank.com with your questions.


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