Donate Money

Why Financial Donations Are Important

The Food Bank guarantees the content of our hampers. When these supplies run low we have to go out and buy them. When you make a financial donation to the Food Bank you help to purchase these food items.

Donating to the Food Bank is as easy as clicking the donation button on the top of this page. You can also complete our Donation Form or come see us in person.


Individual Donors

Making donations today, every month, or for the future is easy. Call Christina at 403-319-0833 or email her if you need help.


Corporate Donors

Please contact Keoma at 403-319-0840 or email her to make a financial contribution from a corporation or community group.


Food Industry Donors

As a food industry partner, if you have questions about making a financial contribution please contact Cindy Drummond & Trudi Webster at 403-319-0827 or email her.


Canada Revenue Agency Tax Credit Calculator

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has an excellent tool that helps to determine your tax credit. 



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