Corporate, Business or Service Club Donations

Are you a corporate, business or service club  donor interested in making cash or food donations? 

Thank you so much for thinking of us!  Your donation will support us in providing quality, nutritious food to our clients. 

We’d love to speak with you!
     Keoma Duce
     Development Coordinator
     Organizational Giving
     5000 11 Street SE
     Calgary AB  T2H 2Y5
     Email Keoma Duce
     Main phone line: 403.253.2059
     Main fax line: 403.259.4240

Keoma will:

  • answer any questions you may have
  • provide you with information to share with your organization
  • advise you and make suggestions regarding food and/or fund drives
  • speak to your organization
  • arrange to deliver and pick up boxes for food and cash donations
  • arrange a tour of the Calgary Food Bank
  • support your organization in setting up a volunteer day

Contact Keoma today to book a tour or get more information

Arrange for the pick up and delivery of boxes.