Company Rules

The Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank (CIFB) has established Health and Safety rules which all employees and volunteers (including Community Service individuals) are required to follow. These rules will be reviewed with each employee and volunteer during their initial orientation. Failure to comply with rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

  • Firearms, knives and other implements intended to be used as weapons are strictly prohibited from the CIFB premises.
  • No alcohol can be brought onto or consumed on site without the permission of the CEO. No illegal drugs can be brought onto or consumed on site. No employee or volunteer may work on site while under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, any intoxicants or other performance altering substances (including prescription medications) except when medically prescribed and with a physician’s written assurance that the person may safely work while taking the prescribed substance. The physician’s written assurance must be presented to the appropriate Department Manager to be placed on the individual’s personal record.
  • Physical fighting and violent or abusive (including verbally abusive) behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Theft, vandalism and other abuses or misuses of CIFB property is prohibited.
  • Employees whose regular jobs are primarily working in the warehouse are required to wear CSA approved steel toe safety boots while on the job.
  • All work is to be carried out in accordance with Safe Job Procedures (SJP).
  • Only tools and equipment in good repair shall be used. Tools and equipment not in good repair shall be removed from service and reported to a manager immediately, then properly repaired before return to service.
  • Use of electronic devices is prohibited while working in the warehouse and while driving a company owned vehicle.  This includes cell phones, PDA devices, smart phones, cordless phones, text pagers, MP3 players and other hand held wireless devices, whether owned by the CIFB or the individual worker.
  • No smoking with 15 feet of any doorway (as per Alberta legislation), no smoking in the parking lot in front of the entire dock area or while driving a CIFB vehicle.
  • Employees and volunteers cannot take food, hampers or donated items off site for personal use without specific prior permission from the Client Services Manager.