We are once again joining the Canada-wide Give 30 campaign — a grassroots initiative inviting all people of all faiths to combat hunger across Canada during Ramadan.

For those who are unfamiliar with the religious tradition, Ramadan is a time of year when people voluntarily go without food and drink in daylight hours to build empathy with those in need, and hopefully ease some of their burdens.

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fresh produce

For Calgary’s food insecure, our clients, fresh produce is hard to come by. A fresh pineapple, for example, is much more expensive at your local grocery store than pineapple chunks canned in juice and added sugar. But, the former is unarguably more nutritious than the latter.

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Imagine starting every day hungry, unable to focus on your work and to what people are saying because your stomach is growling and your head is pounding. Unfortunately, this is a reality for too many kids in our city.

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phone room

There is constant hustle and bustle in every department at the food bank. Volunteers and staff rush in and out of hallways and doors, looking both ways for nearing forklifts, but there is a special room in our building that requires quiet and composure. A little spot nestled away behind Client Services is a room filled with phones, headsets and smiling faces.

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art auction

It’s no surprise that we go to a lot a cheque presentations. But when we found out a daycare raised money, donated food and wanted us to join them for a cheque presenation, we knew something adorable was about to happen.

We were right.

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