In the eyes of some, today’s youth have a bad reputation. Rightly or wrongly, you can’t help but hear adults talk about “kids today.” You might have heard that videogames are making kids violent, Twitter is making them mean and rap music is turning them criminal.

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James McAra 69 second shopping spree London Drugs Calgary Interfaith Food Bank

Instead of the usual can of soup and box of pasta, one generous Calgarians donated a 69-second London Drugs shopping spree to the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank, which took place on Feb. 13 at the 130 Avenue SE London Drugs. The take away, after an exhaustive sprint through the store, was over $3,000 worth of food and beverages for ourclients.

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fresh food food bank

A  fantastic piece, and food for thought, by Genevieve Fullan for Alternatives Journal, Canada's Enviromental Voice

A significant portion of food waste occurs before it even makes it into your fridge. 

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Canstruction® Calgary is a competition where teams demonstrate their engineering talents using canned food and other non-perishable items as building blocks. They create structures, which are judged, exhibited to the public and then de-canstructed, with all food going to the Calgary Food Bank.

Don't miss out on this year's event!  There’s still time to get an entry in.


Contact Keoma at TODAY!

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Our new mural painted in Client Services by Wil Yee in 2014.


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