Arcurve BBQ

We had the pleasure of attending one of the most unique events of the Stampede Season, Arcurves 8th Annual Stampede party. The theme? Pirates, Princesses and Cowboys.

The event included a whole roasted pig, pulled pork tacos and a plethora of elixr (their potent signature cocktail), as well as rocket launching contents, sword fights and egg tosses.

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The Downpour

Down at the grounds, ominous clouds were spotted rolling in fast around 4 p.m. No one thought much of it , most expecting a bit of drizzle before the day was out. Then, very quickly, the hail was coming down so thick you couldn’t see ten feet in front of you.

It piled up two inches thick in the corners of the midway while water poured down the middle of the streets. The drains were overwhelmed and stampede-goers were diving under tents, awnings and into buildings to avoid the storm.

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What an amazing day to start off Stampede 2015. At a high of 31 degrees and not a cloud to be seen, it was the perfect day to welcome the world to the wonder of Stampede!

CBC Breakfast

As the first big stampede breakfast of the season, the CBC Co-op Stampede Breakfast says a lot about what we can expect for the rest of the 2015 Stampede.

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Stampede is one of the busiest times of year for the food bank. We’re at pancake breakfast after pancake breakfast all week collecting food and funds for our Put the Boots to Hunger campaign. Come visit us at our event tables and bring a non-perishable food item to donate while you munch down on pancakes and bacon. 

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For five days in June, Strategic Group — a commercial real estate company with buildings peppered across Calgary and Edmonton — blew us away with their internal food drive and fundraising campaign!

Strategic Group has been doing this for us since 2012, so they’ve more or less perfected the art of raising food and funds.

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