Our Holiday Wish List

The Calgary Food Bank is gearing up for our busiest time of year, preparing to feed thousands of hungry Calgarians throughout the month of December and over the holidays. If you are considering a donation of food, take note of our most needed holiday items. We provide these items in our emergency hampers with the goal of guaranteeing seven days of nutrition for each person.

In addition to these items, we would love to be able to provide the following items to our clients over the holidays:

  • Canned Cranberries
  • Juice
  • Potatoes
  • Fresh fruits and veggies

Basically, anything that would be part of your feast, we would love to have donated so that everyone can enjoy delicious, healthy meals this holiday.

The Calgary Food Bank appreciates the genorosity of Calgarians at Christmas time and throughout the rest of the year. Thank you for your continued support.