Industry Supporting Community


In a recent article by Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF), we see the profound impact that the food industry has on helping to fight food insecurity. Following the High River floods, Cargill, in partnership with CAF, was able to donate funds to stock shelves and replace equipment for the town’s Food Bank.

In Canada, a first-world country, there are still nearly 1 million people accessing food banks across the country, creating a need for the support of food industry. Community need, coupled with wanting to keep food out of landfills, creates a niche in the food bank community for big food donors.

How much support does the Calgary Food Bank receive from the food industry? A large percentage of support comes from the industry: manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. Food Banks purchase fresh eggs and milk from local suppliers and often work with grocers to keep consistent supply of fresh produce and bread.

The Calgary Food Bank receives food industry donations for a variety of reasons, one being incorrect or new labeling.


●An item may be a part of a seasonal promotion such as Halloween or the Olympics. The product is fine, however the event is over and the retailer is looking for new stock.

●If labels are misprinted or put onto the cans upside-down, the product is still perfectly good but cannot be sold (because the cans can’t be stacked to stand on a shelf), and so it comes to us to put into the hands of those who need support.

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