In 2014, the Calgary Food Bank provided over 132,000 Calgarian’s access to emergency food, most of whom were families in tough spots with no one to turn to for help. But some family members don't eat the same food, or even walk on two legs.

Whether they talk with their beaks or walk on four feet, our pets are cherished parts of our family and they need just as much help, love and nutrition as we do.

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In conjunction with Alberta Health Services, the Calgary Food Bank is the first food bank in Canada to create a specialty food hamper that provides the basics of a kidney-conscious diet specifically for clients with chronic renal issues.

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This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Empty Bowl Benefit auction, and oh, what a lively auction it was! If no one else has said it, we’re going to say it. This year’s bowls were the best we’ve seen.

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Calgary Food Bank downturn infographic

Since the layoffs began, we've been getting calls from reporters, donors and general public asking how the economy has affected our operations. And honestly, we couldn’t speak to any change then. Most people who asked that question left with a, “We’ll let you know.”

This is us letting you know.

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CBE Lighthouse Award Calgary Food Bank

On April 9, the Calgary Food Bank was named the recipient of the Board of Trustee’s Lighthouse Award for outstanding support provided to CBE students.

The CBE and the Calgary Food Bank have a long standing relationship which focuses heavily on the importance of nourishing growing bodies and minds, as well as the importance of a good start for our kids.

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