CBE Lighthouse Award Calgary Food Bank

On April 9, the Calgary Food Bank was named the recipient of the Board of Trustee’s Lighthouse Award for outstanding support provided to CBE students.

The CBE and the Calgary Food Bank have a long standing relationship which focuses heavily on the importance of nourishing growing bodies and minds, as well as the importance of a good start for our kids.

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Fran Wong Calgary Food Bank Baby Room
Meet Fran Wong.

Clocking in more than 25 years as a Food Bank volunteer, Fan Wong was one of the first volunteers to help in the Calgary Food Bank’s Baby Room — a distribution hub for diapers, formula and jarred baby food.

“The bottom line is helping,” Fran said. “Even if it’s on a temporary basis, it’s a good feeling to know that you’ve helped.”

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put the boots to hunger 2015 driver gary gorst

Howdy partners! We are excited to kick off the 8th annual Put the Boots to Hunger campaign. Leading up to and during the Calgary Stampede, donations are collected under the BD&P Put the Boots to Hunger banner for the Calgary Food Bank. Pivotal to the unique fundraising initiative is the donation of BD&P’s chuckwagon tarp to the Calgary Food Bank.

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Canstruction Calgary 2015

Well, another build day has come and gone and through all the beautiful chaos of building 11 amazing I-CAN-ic structures, we couldn’t be happier with the results.

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In the eyes of some, today’s youth have a bad reputation. Rightly or wrongly, you can’t help but hear adults talk about “kids today.” You might have heard that videogames are making kids violent, Twitter is making them mean and rap music is turning them criminal.

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