A Holiday Story

It was a difficult moment for Pamela* when she contacted the Calgary Food Bank this December. For the widowed, single mom of three, the past year had its immense personal struggles. With the holidays approaching, she knew there would not be enough. 

The early cold and subsequent increased heating bill had taken a toll on her meager budget. Weekly groceries are a struggle; never mind the extras at Christmas. But what she thought would be a very difficult moment turned to hope and appreciation as she spoke with Food Bank volunteers. Knowing the Calgary Food Bank was there for her and her children made picking up the hamper a little easier. Thoughtful and generous donations from the Calgary Food Bank meant Pamela was able to provide a much-appreciated holiday feast for her family.

The gesture of helping friends and family through gifts of food has been extended though the Calgary Food Bank to support families and individuals. No matter the temporary crisis, all families deserve to dine together.

“Thank you for helping my family get through the hard times.
If it wasn’t for your kindness, we would be lost.”

*Name has been changed