Garden Of Eat'N

When Marlene and Jack Begg returned from their teaching mission in Ethopia in 1995, they were still feeling moved by their experiences and wanted to do something impactful here in their own community. They looked around to discover they could make a difference right in their own back yard! 

With help from their friends at Amocares, Chevron and BP Canada, these volunteers gathered to seed an acre of the Begg’s land. Mother Nature continues to provide just the right amount of rain and fertilizer, and pounds of fresh produce are harvested each fall for the Calgary Food Bank.  “It is amazing how this garden has produced so much over the years, not just the potatoes and carrots, but providing healthy food for people in need,” says  the charismatic leader of the group and owner of the farm, Marlene Begg. “And healthy food produces healthy people who can continue on and overcome their obstacles.”

In the past 18 years, more than 200,000 pounds of potatoes, carrots, onions and beets have made their way right from the Garden of Eat’n and directly into the hands of Calgary Food Bank clients, truly a result of the love, hope and hugs from the Beggs.

Beet Storage by Marlene Begg

  • Pull your fresh beets from the earth
  • Wash thoroughly
  • Shred them like you would potatoes
  • Place in freezer bags
  • Defrost when ready to include with your meal
  • Enjoy all winter!

Beets ….

  • Have zero fat
  • Are low in calories
  • Are body fuel
  • Are inexpensive
  • Contain sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorous
  • Contain vitamins A, C, niacin and folic acid