We live in a diverse city and we recently posted about what it would be like if Calgary were only 100 people, but is it possible to think of the entire world as only 100 people? There are so many unique people and countries that make up our planet. 

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Art in the Garden
Saturday, Aug. 8 to Sunday, Aug. 9
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
3443 Kerry Park Road SW

Every year, local artist Rosemary Bennett hosts an amazing outdoor display of local artists. Donation boxes will be located at the event for non-perishable food and cash donations. Come and enjoy stunning hand painted art and enter to win fantastic door prizes!

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We live in an incredibly diverse, interesting and often surprising city. That being said, we're a small, tight-knit community and we've certain had to band together once or twice. 

This infographic makes us even smaller and breaks our 1 million-plus population into only 100 people! 

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Every day, we see so much generosity come through our doors. But, it’s not every day we receive mail from the iconic rock band Rush, with a generous charitable donation attached.

Rush hit the stage on July 15 and from every paid admission, one dollar was donated to us. After we got over our initial star-stricken frenzy over the Canadian rock bank, we found out that this generosity is no new thing for Rush. 

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We are always down for some good, fresh produce for our clients and we take whatever we can get. There is a shortage of fresh produce donations and sometimes, we get items that not everyone knows what to do with.


• Rhubarb is actually a vegetable but its thick stalks are treated as fruit despite their tart flavor
• Try eating it raw with sugar close by

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