Birthday Kits

Birthday Kits

Imagine a child’s birthday with no cake, candles, balloons or silly party hats. Thanks to the adults and kids who support the Birthday Kit Program at the Calgary Food Bank, we bring smiles to young Calgarians who might not otherwise enjoy the luxury of a birthday party.

Birthday Kits are a fun and easy way for our younger donors to help the thousands of children we serve every year. Fill a gift bag or box with:

  • cake mix                                                                    
  • icing
  • birthday candles
  • balloons
  • paper napkins, plates and cups
  • a hand-drawn Birthday card
  • small gifts
  • AA-Batteries

You can use shoe boxes, birthday gift bags, empty boxes, or even cartons left over from Girl Guide cookie sales.  Be creative - decorate the container with paper or colourful drawings.

If you assemble gender- or age-specific kits, please mark them accordingly. Then, when they are ready to share, drop them off at our warehouse and stay for a quick tour. Let us show you how your donation makes a difference!

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