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Food Link

Food Link is a program of the Calgary Food Bank that provides quality food and supplies to 228 Calgary agencies and community programs so that they can focus on their program delivery rather than look for food donations.

Thanks to generous contributions from food industry, we are able to share bulk food to qualified organizations such as Woods Homes, Hull Family Services, Calgary Dream Centre, the Drop In Centre, and the YMCA’s after school programs.

In order for local organizations to pick up food from Food Link, they first must go through an approval process to access their program’s needs. We also reach out to agencies not yet benefiting from this service. For more information on how to apply, contact us at 403-253-2059 or info@calgaryfoodbank.com.

Food Link Partner Agencies and Programs

Food Link allows agencies to focus their resources on their programs rather than source food.

Food Link was created in co-operation with food industry partners who:

  • Were interested in donating quality food to local agencies and organizations, but were not sure how to initiate contact
  • Wanted to avoid having their own loading docks tied-up with multiple vehicles picking-up for multiple organizations
  • Believed, and rightly so, that the usual way of doing things was inefficient and costly

Uniting food industry and charitable organizations has had major benefits:

  • A single point of contact for all involved
  • A wider geographic distribution of donated food
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Decreased impact on landfill
  • Improved employee morale

2017 Food Link Facts


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