Resolution Reset

As January comes to a close, many people are taking stock of their New Year’s resolutions: Did we set any? Were we able to keep them? Don’t despair if you didn’t achieve your goals because it’s not too late for a resolution reset!

Giving your time, talent and energy to a cause you believe in, can be an achievable resolution for any age, at any time. For as little as an hour a week, or once a month, you can make an incredible impact on an organization and the populations they serve.

It also doesn’t hurt that there are additional benefits to volunteering. Studies have shown that doing something for someone else has positive and lasting impacts on your own health. Volunteering helps to reduce stress, improves mood and self-esteem, and creates a greater sense of belonging to a community. Researchers have also found evidence of a reduced risk of high blood pressure.

The helper’s high

The term “helper’s high” describes the feeling we get when we perform a good deed.

Endorphins are released; reducing pain and lowering stress levels.

So how do you get started? Find the charity of your choice and check their website for instructions on how to volunteer. At the Calgary Food Bank, there are more than 160 volunteers, in a variety of positions, throughout the day and evening to ensure that no one goes hungry. Check out the different opportunities available. Resolving to volunteer is that easy!


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