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Is your charity of choice registered?

There are few things in life that are for certain, one of them being taxes. With the filing deadline fast approaching, you may be sorting through your paperwork looking for that tax receipt for your 2016 donation. Shouldn’t you have received something for your contribution by now? Yes, you should have, but it may be that the organization does not have its charitable status and therefore cannot issue receipts.

One of the most common tax deductions Canadians claim is charitable donations so it is important to know how your donation is defined under the Canadian Income Tax Act. The first point is that not all not-for-profit or voluntary organizations are qualified by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). When the non-profit does qualify and is approved by the CRA, they receive designation as a charitable organization plus the all-important Charitable Registration Number. It is with this number that they can then issue official donation receipts.

There are many organizations  that are making incredible impact in the community and deserve gifts from their supporters. But whether they are a registered provincial society, or registered both as a provincial society and a federally registered charity,  a non-profit organization must have and disclose a Charitable Registration Number in order to issue receipts for income tax deduction purposes.


You can check to make sure your favourite charity is

registered and in good standing by

checking this great online tool:


The Calgary Food Bank has been a buzz the past two months, inputting your donations and mailing your income tax receipts. We hope you have received yours and invite you to contact us if it has not arrived.

Wishing you a refund!