Calgary Food Bank

Fresh from the Heart

Planting the seeds of good nutrition

One of the most common questions we get at the Calgary Food Bank is “Do you accept fresh produce?”.

The answer is: Yes! We do accept fresh produce.

Last year, we provided 722,475lbs of fresh produce. Nearly 20% of the weight of our food hampers is made up of fresh produce. We get our fresh produce from a variety of sources. Most of our produce is graciously donated by our food industry partners. As well, farmers will often come in and donate some of their crops. We give these farmers our food waste which they use for compost for the crops they end up donating.

Another source of fresh food for the Food Bank is our gardens. Every spring we plant two massive gardens, the BP Garden of Eat’n and the TransAlta POWER Garden. These two gardens have provided over 300,000 pounds of fresh produce over the years.  Dozens of volunteers have just planted the gardens for this year and hopefully, with the help of good weather, we’ll have another bountiful harvest in the Fall.

When we accept a donation of fresh produce, we store it in our enormous refrigerator. It’s one of the biggest in Western Canada. We’re able to keep this refrigerator running and store all of this food because of your generous donations.

It has always been our goal to provide good food to the people who come to us for help. With your support we are able to accept, grow, and store all the fresh produce that we need to provide people with healthy meals. We could not do this without you.

Thank you.

If you wish to donate fresh produce to the Calgary Food Bank, bring it to our warehouse, Door #3, so we can store at the proper temperature and add to our hampers right away.


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