Calgary Food Bank

Feeding children all year

Creating partnerships to nourish young minds and bodies

As the new school year begins, children will return  to school, and where programs exist, school food programs will start up again. Many of our donors and supporters worry about what happens to children who use these school food programs when they are not in school during summer and other breaks. If they need food at school because they don’t have enough at home, what happens when they’re away from school for the summer? Through our Food Link program, several agencies are regularly supplied with the food they need to feed all of the kids they see during the summer. These agencies come to Food Link to pick up food and use it in their kitchens to feed the children taking part in their programs.

One of the agencies we work with is Cornerstone Youth Center. This agency provides opportunities for kids to participate in activities and discover their passion and potential in life. We provide over $50,000 worth of food to their agency during the summer, a cost they could not cover otherwise. With this food they make nearly 500 meals a week for the kids in their program.

Another agency we work with is the Awo Tann Healing Lodge Society. This agency works with women and children, from the First Nations community, and provides them with shelter and help in situations of family violence and abuse. This past summer, over 400 children participated in programs.  This required three meals a day with snacks in between. The Calgary Food Bank provided 100% of the food that they served.

We also work very closely with Easter Seals Camp Horizon. Camp Horizon is a camp that hosts thousands of kids throughout the year. Throughout the summer over 1200 kids with special needs get to go to the camp and have fun doing all the things you’d expect kids to be doing at a summer camp. The Calgary Food Bank provides the food they need to make over 600 meals a day.

When you donate to the Calgary Food Bank you aren’t just helping the people and families who walk through our door. You’re also helping to strengthen the support network that protects Calgarians from the devastating effects of extreme poverty. We could not do this without you and with your help we can make sure no child slips through the cracks.

Thank you