Weekends And More

With September almost here and kids going back to school, the Calgary Food Bank is ready to roll out the Weekends And More program for its second year. The WAM program is the result of a combined effort between the Calgary Food Bank and the Calgary Board of Education. The CBE asked for our help to feed hungry kids in their schools and to let parents know where they can go for food support. The WAM program sends food and information home with hungry kids for the weekend. The food keeps the kids and their siblings full and the information lets parents know that there is help for them. This program is a way to bring services directly to the people and families that need it most.

WAM officially started in 2015 and the results are good. We asked teachers if they noticed a difference in the children in WAM and 86% said there was a definite improvement in the kids. The kids concentrate better, they are happier and their overall health is better. We are proud of this program and look to make it even better in the 2016-17.

The WAM program, like everything we do at the Calgary Food Bank, is not possible without your generous support. These kids have food for the weekend because of your kindness. They are able to concentrate in school, are happier and in better health. You, and donors like you, are giving kids a chance to learn without hunger and we can’t thank you enough for it.

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