Hungry kids most vulnerable during weekends and this is what we’re doing about it

In 2015, 41% of Calgary Food Bank clients were children — 57,921 children to be exact — and that only measures those that have come to the food bank with their families.

It’s because of these numbers that the Calgary Food Bank came together with the CBE to pilot a new hunger-prevention program, Weekends and More (WAM), during the 2014 to 2015 school year. And after a year of well-documented success in helping our most vulnerable kids outside of school hours, this collaborative program is launching at full-capacity to even more schools.

Sponsored by WAM Development Group, this program ensures the Calgary Food Bank can provide nutritious food for our children so they can maintain their health and learning in and out of school.

In one year:


Schools participated in the pilot project


Children helped through the program


Hampers distributed to chronically hungry children

To meet the needs of children who would otherwise go without food over the weekends, students are identified by the school and given discreet hampers containing kid-friendly meals. The WAM program is now in six elementary and junior high schools, with four more identified for this year. So far this year (September to December 2015), we’ve distributed more that 1,100 hampers to hungry students.

Food insecurity can have long-lasting effects, especially on children. There is no doubt that providing food support for children has a positive impact on their academics, social interactions and health. WAM ensures hunger is not a barrier to learning.

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