The Something Big Project

The Calgary Food Bank relies 100 per cent on donations to supply enough food for over 100,000 clients each year. With the increased number of clients projected for this year, it is the generosity from our donors that will keep us afloat. Every little bit counts and there isn’t a donation too large or too small. Calgary is one of the best cities in the world because of the support system within the four quadrants; it keeps us united as one big community.

Within our support system there are smaller support groups that act like the parts of an engine. These parts are vital for the success of the engine to run; moreover they create the impact that the Food Bank can have on the community. One of these key components in Calgary is the Renert School and the launch of their Something Big Project. The project started off as the statement, “I want to do something big” from one student in the hopes to make a difference in the community.

Grade one student, Sehj, wanted to make a big difference but he was unsure of what it would be. After one-on-one conversations with his teacher, Miss. Amy, Sehj and his classmates came up with the perfect plan to ensure they could impact someone else in a positive way. After group discussion and brainstorming, the students came together and organized an art show, selling their own artwork and donating all of the money raised to a local charity.

The Calgary Food Bank was the fortunate recipient to the generous donation provided by the Grade one students at the Renert School.  It has always been said that donations come in all shapes and sizes and that also goes for our donors too. From corporate companies to local residents, Grade one students are leaving their footprint, creating something big in the hopes of making a big difference.


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