Q & A with Rita

Why did you want to share your story?

I wanted to let people who are in the same situation know that there is no shame in coming to the Food Bank. Anyone can fall on hard times. Me and my family found ourselves in a situation where we had to access the Food Bank. My husband was laid off work when the oil prices went down. His EI ended sooner than we thought and between paying for my school and the rent, there wasn’t any money left for food.

Tell me about your Food Bank experience.

Food in Canada was something I wasn’t used to.  I am from Nigeria and the food is never processed and is rarely canned. It is always fresh food that we grow ourselves. But the experience at the Food Bank was good.  It was eye-opening as my family learned that savings are important to have so you have them during the bad times.

How many times have you come to the Food Bank?

We have used the Food Bank four times since January and no longer need to as my husband has found another job!!

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone given that you have accessed the Food Bank?

My advice is to anybody who is finding themselves in a difficult situation and unable to provide for themselves, that they should access the Food Bank because it is helpful. Even if it isn’t the food that they are accustomed to, it is still healthy food during a difficult time.

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