Putting the WAM to Childhood Hunger

The Weekends and More Program (WAM) was a major success as the Calgary Food Bank and Calgary Board of Education (CBE) teamed up to put an end to hunger for food-insecure school-aged children. This program provided children with milk, fruit, tuna, rice cereal, soup and granola bars to take home for the weekend. This year the Calgary Food Bank distributed over 4,600 WAM food bags to nine different schools.

“This has been a very beneficial Program for our students. Families are able to feed their kids through the weekend. Many of our students are not wolfing down their lunches as soon as they enter the class as much, and seem happier.” –Survey Respondent

We asked CBE staff (teachers and program coordinators) to complete an anonymous satisfaction survey to reveal the impact that this program had on the children affected by food insecurity. The survey concluded that 86 per cent of respondents saw improvements in children’s school work. The concentration in children during school hours also improved as 64 per cent of respondents noticed changes. The health of the students improved as well during the time they received WAM food bags as 73 per cent of respondents saw better health among the children.

Check out the full breakdown below!




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