Meet Walter

Every bit helps and Walter “SOURDOUGH” Nemanishen makes sure he gives what he can to The Calgary Food Bank. A few years ago he cancelled his cable and newspaper subscriptions leaving him with $88 each month to distribute to two local charities, The Calgary Food Bank and The Mustard Seed, plus Oxfam, a national charitable organization helping women and children. Every donation counts when enriching the lives of others and there is no amount of money that is too small or too large. “There’s a benefit to donating and in return I think it is longevity and good health,” said Nemanishen.

Growing up in the ‘30s he and his family had experienced being in need of food. “As a young child I received firsthand knowledge of hardships, food scarcities, the need to work hard and to share limited resources with people in need,” said Nemanishen in an email. However there weren’t local agencies like the food bank to supply emergency hampers to families during this time. Later in life, during his career as an Engineer, he received the Commemorative Medal for the 125th anniversary of the confederation of Canada which recognizes significant contributions to the community.

Now at the age of 82-years-old he has taken his experiences from his earlier life and found resourceful ways to give back what he can to the community. For all the clients at the food bank, Nemanishen has provided many meals with each donation given.

“Help your fellow man and those in need”- Walter “SOURDOUGH” Nemanishen


Photos Courtesy of Walter Nemanishen

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