Meet DEE

The donations that are made to The Calgary Food Bank come from a variety of organizations, community food drives and food industry partners, just to name a few. But they also come from those who have turned to the food bank at one point in time.

Like a bank where instead of money being deposited and withdrawn, it is food. So sometimes those donations come from those who have previously used the food bank. And this is an example where a recipient is giving back.

Meet DEE. She feels safe, she has clean, running water, a place to live  and lots of love to go around. The Calgary Food Bank was there for her when she needed it most and the reason she has full cupboards in her home. Living on just over $1100 per month there often is not enough money to pay for life’s necessities.

She exudes a positive light and even though she  has had some ups and downs her philosophy is to always pay it forward. Now DEE is one of the food bank’s donors and she not only makes sacrifices to ensure that she can give back to the organization that helped her, she is also donating part of her GST rebate this year. “It is important to make sacrifices to help others and I was taught at a young age to pay it forward. If I give up my hair cut one month, I can provide a donation to someone in need and caring for others is important to me,” said DEE.

Turning to the food bank isn’t something that is in anyone’s plan. That is why it takes a supportive community, donations and volunteers to ensure efficient and successful support groups are there for those in need. “It is not about the can of food, it’s what the symbolic part of the can of food represents that is important,” said DEE.

If you give a man a fish he can eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish he can eat for a lifetime. -Maimonides


Photo Courtesy of Cassie Riabko

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