How the Canadian Pacific Railway jumped in for the Calgary community

In the early morning darkness on February 18, a derailment involving a Canadian Pacific (CP) freight train led to power outages in Calgary’s Inglewood area and traffic delays for commuters. Thankfully there were no leaks, no spills and no injuries. All of the cars were empty, except for one, containing a new shipment of Delmonte canned green beans.

With hard hats on the CP staff was quick to react and once they had surveyed the scene, they were able to assess that many of the cans were salvageable and reached out to the Calgary Food Bank.

When Calgary Food Bank Food Industry Coordinator, Cindy Drummond arrived on the scene, she could hardly believe her eyes. “The CP employees were working furiously, hand-bombing and neatly stacking good cans into one area, damaged cans into another. It was hard work but they were determined to make sure these healthy vegetables could go to people who need it. They simply said, ‘It was the right thing to do.”

The end result was a whopping donation of 15 pallets or 9,000 cans of green vegetables, estimated at more than $10,000 USD.

CP_green beans

“Not only did the swift and caring actions of CP keep an enormous amount of food out of the landfill, they helped many Calgarians in need for months to come with nutritious food. Because of the fresh date, we will be able to add to hampers through to the Fall,” said Drummond.

This incident is a great example of how a company took a look at how they can make a bad situation better and help their community. And that was a blessing in disguise for the Calgary Food Bank.

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