Employer Support Sparks a Rise in Corporate Group Volunteerism

The Calgary Food Bank has seen an increase in corporate group volunteering in 2016 despite the recession that has affected the province. According to Statistics Canada, the rise may be attributed to the support from employers. The rise continues as the Food Bank welcomes more corporate groups into the building to volunteer in the distribution area, sorting line and shopping area. In May alone, over 10 thousand hours of group volunteer service was documented in comparison to 2015 where there was just over 8200 hours volunteered. That is a 24% increase in just one year which brought in 122 more volunteer groups in 2016.

Companies are conscious of how they are spending their dollars and corporate groups are finding that it makes more sense to work with community, dedicating hours of volunteer service versus spending money on company events. Once the Managers, Directors and Presidents are involved, the ripple effect inspires everyone else to become part of it as well. Corporate Group volunteering proves to be a great opportunity for team bonding which motivates employees, improves communication and breaks the ice between “the boss” and the employee. During the difficult economic times it is important enrich the corporate culture by working together to give back to the community.

We are forever grateful to our volunteers and we welcome all new volunteers to the Food Bank family!

For more information on volunteering at the Calgary Food Bank, click here!

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  1. Rick Heninger Says :

    Posted on August 3, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    Nice to know 2016 have seen an increase in volunteer service in Calgary notwithstanding all the problems we had with layoffs last year.
    I love Calgary, and I’m grateful to all volunteers.
    My family and I have also volunteered every year with our church for the food drive, I have never thought of doing it with my colleagues at work.
    This article is an eye opener something to talk about at our next meeting.
    Thanks to you guys!

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