Education, Prevention, and Human Centered Design

Often when people think of a Food Bank, people think of a hand out, not a hand up. The word Food Bank is often thought to be synonymous with a ‘band-aid’ solution; and though in some cases this is true, in the case of the Calgary Food Bank, we do not believe it is.

CFB is a leader in Canada when it comes to Food Banks, and we often lend our expertise to other Food Banks. We are also seen as great innovators in the quest to eradicate food insecurity and though we have been working on many initiatives quietly and behind the scenes, we are excited to share them with our partners and community. Our initiatives are going to focus on education and prevention and will be multifaceted in that we will aim to reach various age groups and demographics, and will take on various incarnations.

We understand that by engaging with our clients, community, and stakeholders we will be able to offer programming that works. With this is mind we are launching several focus groups in various communities throughout Calgary to engage with our citizens. If your organization would be interested in hosting one of these groups, you can contact Zhanna Lyubykh.

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