Christmas Card from the CEO

For going on a decade now, I have been blessed to lead an organization that makes an incredible impact on people’s lives. Every morning I start the day wondering ‘will we make a difference in someone’s life?’

This sentiment is even more powerful during the holidays and especially in December when families and friends gather to celebrate the season of joy and abundance. But because food is central to many festivities, the holidays take on a very different feel for those who are food insecure. When you are unable to afford the basics let alone the trimmings for a feast, you do not invite friends over for a meal nor do you accept the initiations you receive. You easily become isolated and depressed.

For those who are struggling, the holidays are a stressful time. The pressure of knowing there isn’t enough money to pay the bills let alone participate in festivities around them takes a toll on an already vulnerable family. Calgarians understand this, and their outpouring of support for the Calgary Food Bank ensures that in December alone, more than 22,000 lives experience and participate in the compassion and hope of the season.
So when you are breaking bread with your own this Christmas, please remember others and the hope you share. Bring the holiday spirit together for everyone.

May you all have a safe and happy holiday season!

James McAra
President & CEO

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