This fundraiser will revive your love for Valentine’s Day!

For some, Valentine’s Day is a favourite holiday and for others, it’s a bummer or an excuse to eat discounted candy on Feb. 15

Here at the Calgary Food Bank, we love Valentine’s Day and thoughtful donations in the name of love are the way to our heart. So it’s no surprise that one company’s “Candy Grams for Cans” initiative made us seriously consider making them our Valentine this year.



Strategic Group ran a campaign over the last couple of weeks where every dollar donated to the Calgary Food Bank “bought” a sweet treat for a coworker! The team set a goal of $1,000 for Candy Grams for Cans and ended up raising $1,201 in total, with every single team member receiving candy and a sweet note from a colleague! How sweet is that?

We all remember getting candy grams or Valentines from classmates as kids, but it’s refreshing to see that concept revived in an office setting and for a good, community cause. Thanks, Strategic Group!

How are you spreading the love this Valentine’s Day?

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