Have you heard of Calgary’s 2nd Mayor?

Since the food bank was created in 1982, Terry Deets has been with us five days per week, every week for the last 30-plus years. His dedication and generosity has helped him earn the nickname “Mayor of the Food Bank,” both in metaphor and sometimes in an even larger capacity.

He has rubbed shoulders with former Mayors like Dave Bronconnier and even our current Mayor Nenshi who has been known to buy Terry a coffee when they see each other in Tim Hortons on a weekday morning.

Meet the Mayor of the Calgary Food Bank:

The food bank’s Mayor first started volunteering to develop job skills, but was so in love with his work and those around him that he decided to stay. Now he mainly works on the distribution line helping clients receive their emergency food hampers. He is wonderful with clients, volunteers and staff and has become an institution around the food bank.

Thank you Terry and all of our volunteers for all the amazing work you do. Our volunteers are truly our lifeblood and we couldn’t do what we do without them!

Give your time to a worthy cause!

The food bank is always accepting new volunteers. We have positions for all ages and abilities.

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